Character1 Accurate Blower and Stable Atmosphere
The accurately controlled blower system eliminates the irregularity of the moisture content.
Timbers have the irregularity of moisture content, which remains even after drying. Depending on type of wood, the irregularity could be enlarged by drying.
The "Super Kiln Drier SKD" maintains the temperature and humidity accurately and keeps constant internal atmosphere with the stable air volume and wind velocity. The accurate adjustment control and the reversible air directions also achieve the uniform atmosphere. Timbers with much irregularity, such as cedar, can be dried to an even moisture content.
Character2 High Air-tightness,Insulation Performance and Durability
Stable drying is achieved by excellent air-tightness and insulation performance.
Uniform drying is impossible if the drier's internal atmosphere is affected by outside air (atmospheric air).
The "Super Kiln Drier SKD" has adopted stainless steel (SUS304) for the inner wall, and it is entirely finished by welding. In addition, the ultimate insulation performance has been pursued by combining stony insulation materials and hard urethane in layers. The enclosure has been designed and manufactured based on the steel structure to achieve high strength and durability.
Character3 Reduces Cost Dramatically, Saves Energy Thoroughly
The air supply and exhaust heat exchanger (PAT) suppresses the heat loss during ventilation and stabilizes the internal atmosphere.
In a system that discharges hot air directly to the atmosphere, there is a great thermal energy loss. When it intakes fresh air (outside air) colder than the internal temperature, a sudden change will occur in the temperature and humidity, making the internal atmosphere unstable.
The "Super Kiln Drier SKD" is equipped with an air supply and exhaust heat exchanger (PAT) as standard, which has been developed for stable internal atmosphere and energy saving. The heat exchanger heats fresh air (outside air) using hot discharged air, so that no sudden change will occur in the indoor atmosphere. It thus maintains the stable temperature and humidity, providing stable, uniform drying.

*"Model SK Fully Automatic Wood Drier SKD" is a device applicable to the "Energy Demand and Supply Structure Reformation Investment Promotion Taxation System."
Character4 Precise Control by Simple Operation
In addition to these devices, the wood drier requires a control system that can accurately control the wind velocity, air volume, temperature, humidity, ventilation, running time, etc.
In the "Super Kiln Drier SKD," these tasks are encoded by a control software (timetable type) according to type of wood, thickness of timber, initial and target moisture content, and intended use. Just select an appropriate code and turn the operation switch ON, and the drier will operate automatically until the program is completed.
Original programs are also available to suit various kinds of drying conditions.
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